Premiered August 2015 at the
Lighthouse Festival Theatre in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

Coming up at Theatre Orangeville in October 2016

Four lost souls trapped on a remote storm-swept lighthouse,
but they are not the only inhabitants.

What have they just seen?


"I just saw the premiere of "The Ghost Island Light", it was awesome... I was blown away.  See it!"
#theatre@theatreontario  Adam Lief

It all began innocently enough - the Head Keeper and his young wife,
the new Assistant Keeper and the girl who brings the supplies once a month.

The isolation can trigger paranoia and jealousy... 

... and divided loyalties. 

What happened to the Head Keeper?

A dangerous flirtation.

Something strange is happening to the Keeper's wife. 

Why is that ship heading straight for the rocks?

"The Ghost Island Light" has been likened to sitting around a camp fire with a bunch of friends - a lot of laughs will be had around that fire, but thereís also bound to be a few ghost stories. (In this tale) a lighthouse keeper and his beautiful young society wife find themselves isolated on a windswept, barren rock populated by restless spirits, ghoulish apparitions and a smashed pipe organ that still plays hauntingly after dark. Thereís visceral fear and excitement in the production. The island setting itself has an energy that imbues the production with an eeriness counterpointed by stunning sound effects that will transport an audience. "You get lost in the experience of it," says Heidi Lynch and Jeffrey Wetsch adds: "Itís rare when everybody walks away content. But this play is a successful combination of funny and scary."  James Matthews - The Banner